Shea vs Social Media


Last night I had an epiphany and I think it’s one that everyone should have at least once.

My epiphany: So yesterday I was scrolling on twitter and I noticed a tweet that was obviously about me (us young folks call them subtweets) and it honestly hurt my feelings a little. But then I realized I’m getting upset over a tweet that shouldn’t even matter to me. Here’s when my epiphany comes into play. We all get so caught up on what people think about us on social media, how many likes we get on an instagram picture, what people think about our relationships, etc. Social media has ruined the future generations and the self esteem of young girls and boys. We all care about being “relationship goals” or having the most favorites on a selfie. I know I’m guilty of those and it’s sad that I’ve cared those for so long. I can guarantee that in about 10 years no is going to care if you were “goals af” or if you had 234 likes on a picture. Those things just won’t matter to anymore.
Don’t get me wrong there are some positives to social media but we’ve definitely strayed away from them. I love being able to see what my family and friends that don’t live near are doing and how their lives are. Another positive is being able to share what you’ve learned in church. I honestly love when people post scriptures on facebook. I don’t care what religion their from but it’s nice to see something that isn’t political or anything.
I’m admitting this now but I’ve had a HUGE addiction to social media since 8-9th grade and it’s time I started to put other things before social media. I spend about 70% of my phones battery scrolling through twitter and facebook and instagram. I’ve started with getting rid of my twitter app because that’s the one I use the most. I’m deactivating it just yet because there are some pictures I do want to save. I’m definitely going to keep facebook because I’m sure everyone will want to stay updated with my love life (lolz) And I’m definitely keeping insta because I don’t spend countless hours on that.
My challenge to everyone is to spend less time on social media and more time reading a book or catching a butterfly. Social media has kind of become a disease and thankfully it’s one that can easily be cured.


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