Shea’s year in review


The year is coming to an end and about this time of year people begin making flipgrams that you can’t even see any of the pictures because they go lightspeed. So I decided to another blog about my year because this year was a roller coaster and I’m surprised I survived lolz.
((Nothing cool happened in January-February so we’re gonna pretend they never happpened))

So in March/April I got to go to Utah for the first and it was honestly the best trip ever. I know that’s a typical LDS girl thing to say but it was so fun. I got to do baptisms in the Salt Lake Temple which has been a dream for like 2 years. And I got to go with one of my good friends, London, so that made it more swaggy. Not to brag or anything, but I saw David Archuleta like 4 seconds of being in Salt lake and I bawled my eyes out and I’m not ashamed. He’s so beautiful. My only regret is not jumping out and hugging him. Also, I saw MoTab (if you don’t what MoTab means you’re obvi not cool. jk but its The Mormon Tabernacle Choir) they rock harder than Mick Jagger tbh. Oh and another not to brag moment but I got to go to the FIRST EVER General Woman’s Meeting. It was honestly the coolest thing ever. Being in the Conference center and seeing the Prophet and other General Authorities was so cool! I took a selfie with President Uchtdorf from like forever away but still… it was cool. I also went to Provo and went to the BYU creamery and had too much lactose and got sick. ((Oh I also, found out I’m lactose intolerant so that was a fun surprise)) Utah was so much fun and I’m glad I got to go with my best friend and her family. It was awesome meeting her birth family. They are such amazing people and I’m grateful for them.

Fast forward a month to the end of April/May… So on a Sunday I was sitting in church and I felt my legs get tingly. I didn’t really think much of it because my legs always fall asleep, so I got up and walked around but that didn’t help. When I got home from church I made a burrito and watched some tv. Maybe an hour or two later I began feeling sick and gross. I have this cool talent that when I’m about to throw up I yawn a lot so I knew something was happening. I honestly thought it was food poisoning from the burrito so my parents threw the burriots away. The next day I still felt crappy but I went to class still. A few days later I went and got costa vida and felt good. A few hours later in institute I began feeling sick again. So I rush home and barely made it home and threw up again. So I was like okay food poisoning again??? Fast forward a week later I get costa vida again with Katie and Isabelle. As I’m eating my food I was talking with Katie and I was like “I hope I never get blood clots because I see how much pain they cause you” little did I know I could tell the future. The next day I wake up at 7 and feel sick. After I got done being sick I was having a really hard time breathing. I thought I was having a panic attack because apparently that happens to people when their health sucks. An hour passed and I still had a hard time breathing. After about two hours of not being able to breath my dad took me to the ER right down the street from us. They got me in right away and began running tests. I got an Xray and when they came back they said they saw some spots on my lungs that looked like blood clots. The second I heard blood clots I began crying because in case you didn’t know, blood clots suck. So I went in and got a CatScan and if you’ve ever gotten a catscan the stuff they put in your IV makes you think you peed your pants so not a fan. When the results came back they confirmed I had blood clots in my lungs. So lucky me right?? I got transported to Kadlec by ambulance and it wasn’t as cool as I thought it was gonna be. I just wanted to sleep and they kept talking to me… like shut up I wanna sleep. I was at Kadlec for 4 days and it sucked because I got woken up by alarms and people poking me 25/7 but the mashed potatoes were good. And I had two LDS nurses so that was swaggy. I’m grateful for the people that came and visted me and gave me blessings because it was honestly the scariest thing of my life. I could have died and I’m not just saying that to be dramatic. If I would have ignored my breathing problem they could have traveled to my heart or brain and that would be bad. After I got out of the hospital I had blood tests every week plus I had to give myself shots twice a day plus take coumadin. So moral of the story is make sure to stretch when you go on long road trips because you’ll get blood clots and Mr. Simm will give you an “awesome” nickname ((it was Schweezer the Clot))
Oh I got released from primary in May and then began going to the Singles branch… haha yeah. It’s pretty fun! I miss the babies though. Quiet sacrament meetings are kind of weird.

Nothing cool happened in June or July that I can remember… uhhh I went to the dentist and didn’t get poked to death so blood thinners came in handy ONCE!

Fast forward to August… August was a good month for me. So in August I got off blood thinners after just three months of being on them. It was great. But that’s not why August was good. I, Shea, got a boyfriend. People never thought it was happen but ma I made it. His name is Joel and he’s the bee’s knees. We went on our first date the first week of August and like a week later we became offish. He isn’t a member which I’m 100% okay with because I don’t discriminate. I haven’t pushed him to go to church with me or go to activities because I was once pushed into a religion and that turned out bad. If he wants to come with me, I will always say yes but until then, I’m not gonna force him to go. He’s chill with what he’s doing with life. But anywho, he’s probably the best guy ever. I’m #blessed.

September school started again and it sucked monkey butt. I was taking math and this was my third time taking this class and I think I cried about 70 times a week because of it. If you know me, math is the worst subject in the world. No joke. If you like it then I’m sorry you’re wrong. But I was determined to pass math this quarter. So fun story, I thought I failed the class and I cried for 2 days but lol I didn’t. Idk how I passed but I did pass the class with a 2.2. That was super awesome. Two more math classes and I’ll be done with math forever and I could not be more excited.

October I turned 21 and I didn’t get wasted beyond belief like everyone else in the world. I have two reasons why I don’t drink. 1) Words of Wisdom homies. Read about it and Love it. 2) Even if I wasn’t LDS I’m about 98% positive I wouldn’t drink because my mom is an alcoholic and seeing what drinking does to her makes it so unappealing to me. I love my mom with all my heart but her drinking makes it tough for me to like her. But my birthday was awesome. I got a cool pillow and an amazing necklace from Joel so best birthday ever.

In November I got to go to Leavenworth with Joel and his family and meet his dad’s side of the family and the whole time I was there I thought of my mom’s side of the family. They are so much alike it’s super scary. They’re loud, like the Seahawks, get crazy, and drink a little. So it was super easy for me to like them. I’m glad I was able to go with them, Leavenworth is the best place ever and it was so much fun.

Overall, I think I had a pretty amazing year with pretty amazing people. I hope 2015 is just as amazing as this year ((minus the blood clots. those can stay in 2014)) Thanks for reading this… it was kinda long but hey some people like knowing about my life. :))

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.








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