He has a plan for me.


This week has been a rough one for me. I had a final for my math class and I need 3% to pass the class. I studied, had friends come over and help me, and I went to the tutor center. If you ask me, I did everything I could to pass this class and get out of this horrible math class. As I was taking the test I felt pretty confident. I knew how to do everything even the words problems. About two hours after I took the test I was looking online and my grade was already posted. I literally failed my class by 1.4% if that’s not annoying I don’t know what is. So after some hardcore bawling my dad and I decided to email the dean of math and science to basically complain because complaining is what I do. This is my third time taking this class so either I really do suck at math or the teachers suck at teaching or the grading scale is stupid. ((Probs the last two))

So today I was driving and something popped into my head and it was that “He has a plan for me” maybe His plan is for me not to attend CBC and focus on other things or maybe its to learn something that I apparently still have to learn. I’m not sure, but whatever it is. I will trust in The Lord and His timing. I’ve been trying to keep a positive attitude towards everything and knowing that I did everything I could to pass my math class. I’ve definitely wanted to riot at CBC or say whats really on my mind to the dean but I know that won’t solve anything. Having faith in The Lord is really the only thing that is gonna get me through any trial. No matter how big or how small. Putting my Heavenly Father first and remembering His timing is perfect.



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