Putting the CHRIST back into Christmas


This Christmas season it is one of my goals to make my Christmas more about Christ and less about the material things that Christmas has sadly become. As I sit her pondering on how I can put the CHRIST back into Christmas a few things came to my mind.
1) obviously read the scriptures. Reading the scriptures is always a way to feel the saviors love for you. You can always feel the spirit when your reading The Lords words and I saw a challenge on facebook (I think Melanie posted it) with scriptures to read during the Christmas season. I will post the picture at the end of the blog. I’m definitely gonna do it. Something that just came to my mind like three seconds ago was when I was teaching primary last year one of the SIX year old girls recited the scripture about the birth of Jesus Christ. I was sitting there shocked because wow six years old and she knew that. I can barely remember equations for math. That just amazed me so much. One of my goals is to also memorize those scriptures.
2) not getting caught up in material things. I love presents just as much as the next person but getting caught up in the newest iPhone or tablet isn’t what Christmas is about. It’s about the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. This year I had the hardest time ever deciding what I wanted for Christmas. I feel like I have everything I need in life. Family, friends, a semi cute (actually really cute) boyfriend, a roof over my head, food, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don’t need anything else in my life. What I need to do is serve others which brings me to my next point.
3) serving others. Service around the holidays is so important. Helping people that aren’t as fortunate to you is a great way to become more Christ like. You don’t have to go help at a soup kitchen to serve others. There’s always ways to serve. It sounds weird but praying for ways to serve others always helps. I remember one time I went to target and this older lady was having trouble getting out of her car. Something just made me stop and help her. After I did I felt so good.
There are so many ways to make your Christmas more about Christ and less about the materialness of Christmas. I hope everyone has an amazing Holiday season and remembers the true meaning of Christmas.

Oh one more thing: watch this video because its awesome and I know you want to 🙂


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