Hello. Goodbye.


I’ve been in the Southgate Ward for two years. Two years of meeting wonderful, wonderful, wonderful families. Two years of holding babies, babysitting kids, teaching primary, hearing the testimonies of people who helped me build my testimony, seeing families move in and out of the ward, having AMAZING visiting teachers, and having one of the best ward families in the world. I love love love every single person in the Southgate Ward. They’ve helped me grow as a person. They were there for me when my family wasn’t. They helped me when I was in the hospital. They filled up the primary room during my baptism. They let me babysit their kids. They let me teach their kids in primary even though I had no clue what I was doing 95% of the time. They were my support system. I’ve never loved a group of people more. I can’t even begin to thank every single person for what they all did for me. I’m going to miss the Southgate Ward so so so so much. I’m thankful that they supported me when I decided  to go to the branch. It’s kind of weird being in sacrament with no crying babies, people all my age, and not being in my original spot at church. Hopefully I’ll get married soon so I can go back to the Southgate Ward 😉 I’m so grateful for the friendships I made and the knowledge that I gained from everyone. Everyone was such a huge blessing in my life. I LOVE YOU ALL! ((((:


ps sorry this was sappy.


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