Aw I’m growing


Tonight at institute I was thinking about the past two years and not to brag but I’ve grown so much in the gospel, it amazes me. Looking back two years ago I didn’t even know who was on top of the temple and now I’m like “that’s angel Moroni homies” (I’ve obviously grown more than that hehe) A few things that I’ve really noticed that I’ve grown to understand and appreciate more is the atonement, praying/reading scriptures, and the plan of salvation.

Okay first: the atonement. I know I’ve done a blog on it already but within the past few months my understanding and love for the atonement has grown about 900%. First, I know I said this but when I first got baptized I thought the atonement was basically Jesus Christ suffering for our sins. There is SO much more to it. He suffered for your pains, trails, sins everything. (Look in Alma 7:11) Then when I was re-reading my patriarchal blessing a few nights ago it basically said I have this super cool ability to understand the Savior and His sufferings. Also, to explore, read, and contemplate His sufferings. I never noticed that part before but when I read it the spirit was so strong and I was like wow, like this is so weird but so cool. My love the atonement has just increased so much in the past two years.

Second: reading my scriptures and praying EVERY NIGHT. So confession: it has taken me two years to get into the habit of reading my scriptures and praying every night. I would read them maybe once a week and pray in bed but fall asleep half way through. There’s just something about getting on your knees and praying to Heavenly Father that makes my heart smile. I feel like it makes the prayers more sincere but hey that’s just me. I try my best to make sure my prayers aren’t repetitive but it happens. I always pray for my friends and family, the missionaries, and missionary opportunities. Another thing I do is if I sinned that day I always ask Heavenly Father for forgiveness. The sin might have been saying a swear word or telling a lie but I always make sure to do that. I don’t know why, but one time in institute someone said their old stake president did that and I totally stole that from him. I have gained such a deep love for the scriptures. Who knew that the scriptures had such powerful messages. But reading them every night has strengthen my testimony so much.

Last but certainly not least: the Plan of Salvation. Not going to lie but it took me a year to finally understand the concept of the Plan of Salvation. During the missionary lessons it literally went over my head. I have never been more confused in my life. (Sorry Blake and Tanner.) Then during my new member lessons it still went over my head. I think it wasn’t until I began teaching primary that I finally understood it. Yay primary! Basically, I’m just super happy I finally understand it. 

I’m super thankful for all the growth I’ve made in this gospel. It truly is a blessing in my life and I wouldn’t be who I am today with out it. I’m thankful for my friends, all the missionaries I’ve had, and my ward family for helping me become the women I am today. Without you guys I probably wouldn’t have made so much growth in the gospel. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 


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