Dis iz nawt ok


WARNING!!!! This isn’t a spiritual post at all. Just something that’s been ticking me off forever. Got to vent somehow ya know?

So the thing that’s been just grinding my gears lately has been how “people hate the police” and I just don’t get how you can hate someone that is protecting you. Do hate them because they gave you a $800 dollar ticket? Or because they always bust your parties? Maybe because they put you in jail? I don’t even know. Maybe you shouldn’t be texting and driving… or going to parties with alcohol when you’re 16… maybe next time instead of killing someone you punch a wall. I don’t know. I guess it’s just sensitive to me because I’m going to be a cop. They’re there to P R O T E C T people and if that means pulling you over for doing something stupid then it’s got to happen. Just stop hating on cops. I know some aren’t the most stellar people in the world but 97% of them are cool. All the cops I met on my ride along were some of the nicest people ever. And the guy I was with pulled over 3 people and didn’t give one ticket because they showed respect and weren’t sassy little butt holes. So yeah. Rant over. Thanks. Have a nice day.


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