First blog of 2014


Whoa hey there 2014… you came in like a wrecking ball. Anyways, I’ve been super busy with school. Just kidding I’ve been watching netflix and sleeping in class. (;

I just want to bare my testimony on reading your scriptures and praying. So I’ve been kind of slacking on it… again. But when I do read my scriptures and I do pray I feel 100 times more better. You can definitely tell a difference when you read and pray and when you don’t. I know that reading your scriptures and praying will bring you so much happiness. It can change your mood from mad to peaceful in about 5 seconds. If you’re ever feeling sad open your scriptures! Pray to Heavenly Father! Don’t just mope around all sad and depressed. It can really make a difference in your life. SO YEAH. PRAY, READ YOUR SCRIPTURES, AND LIFE WILL BE GOOD (:


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