Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when Shea comes for you.


As 87% of you know, I’m getting my criminal justice degree and to become a cop then crime scene investigator. If you didn’t know that… well know you do. I’m super excited and going on my ride along made me so ready to get my degree and go to the academy. Being a cop and being LDS isn’t gonna be easy, I know that. I’m gonna miss church sometimes, miss activities, and other church things. I went to the citizens academy for the Benton County Sheriffs Department and I just loved it. I met and got to know the guy who put the whole thing together and he’s LDS. So today (9/25/13) I asked him if it’s tough being LDS and being in law enforcement. Also, if they would give you Sundays off if you’re from a certain religions. He replied with “….however  we can all still serve our Savior and our fellow man no matter what job we are in or what our schedule is. We can also keep the Sabbath day holy even if we have to work. I know our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ want good LDS in all good professions…” I can’t even describe how much relief I felt after reading that. Ever since I began going to church, I haven’t missed one Sunday. And then when I remembered that being a cop means having a crazy work schedule and missing church, I about broke down. I love going to church and being there to take the sacrament. It’s such a blessing. But like I said, that email just made me feel so much better about everything. I’m so excited to serve as a cop and hopefully while on duty serve The Lord. I’m so thankful I went to the citizens academy and met a LDS cop. He’s such a role model to me and an example to me. 


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