It’s been a year!


This is super late but whatever. I had school and stuff…

It’s crazy how fast time flies doesn’t it? It seems like yesterday I was taking lessons but it’s been one full year since I got baptized. Man, does it feel good. When people first found out this guy came up to me and said “I give you three months of being Mormon” jokes on him I lasted more than year. Getting baptized has been the biggest blessing ever. I’m so happy and my testimony has grown so much in the year. I’ve had some of the best YW leaders, great teachers in RS and now I’m learning so much and teaching in primary. I have loved every second of being LDS. Sometimes life got hard and before I was baptized I didn’t really know where to turn. But I know now I have my Heavenly Father there for me and that’s so comforting to know.

Shout out to Madison, Melanie, Jeff, Elder Miles, and Elder Winters (aka Blake) for being da coolest people ever and being there for me every step of the way. You all deserve cookies or something. There’s been a bunch of people that have helped me but I can’t name them all because that would take too long but you know who you are.

I’m looking forward to a billion more years of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

My one year party. (:

My one year party. (:


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