Time Out For Girls


So next to my baptism and my birthday, Time Out For Girls was probably one of the best weekend I’ve had in a while. I laughed, I cried, I learned about life. It really brought me closer to my Heavenly Father. I’m so glad I got to spend it with my two best friends and some of the most amazing women ever.  I don’t really have a mom figure in my life, I do, but I don’t and being able to open up to them really just made me feel good.

Alright so, the first day this band called Mercy River performed. If you haven’t listened to them before DO IT. They. Are. Amazing. The stories they told just really touched my heart. This one song they sang called “Beautiful for me” just got to me. Little do people know, I have had self esteem issues in the past. I’m assuming it’s because my mom tears me down a lot but it could be something more. That song basically just says you’re not on earth to please anyone but Heavenly Father. You’re beautiful for him and it just made me realize that I’m beautiful in Heavenly Fathers eyes and I don’t need to please anyone but him. One of the singers said this quote and it made me LOL. “Satans ticked that he doesn’t have a body so he wants you to hate yours” and that’s SO true. Satan doesn’t have a body and he’s mad at that so he wants girls (and some boys) to hate theirs. If you let Satan do that, you’re letting him win. And no one wants Satan to win, he’s a meany head. They gave some tips on “how to punch Satan in the nose” 1. Remember that you are good. If you remember that you are good and beautiful Satan won’t win. We are all beautiful daughters of God and we all need to remember that. 2. Find that lost little girl. When you were little you didn’t give to craps about makeup, impressing boys, looking right. As you grow up you started to lose that little girl instead of you. Find her and you’ll be able to defeat that stupid mean head named Satan.

Another talker I really liked was John Hilton III he talked about the spirit and how to know when you’re feeling the holy ghost. Which is something I really needed help with.  For me when I feel the Holy Ghost I get warm and fuzzy inside and if I was stressed out about something I get calm. When I first felt that I thought I was getting sick or something but I wasn’t. It was the Holy Ghost telling me to act on something or confirming to me something was true. When you get a prompting to do a good thing, DO IT! It could help yourself or someone else. If you need an answer to something, pray, but make sure you pray with real conviction. Also, if you aren’t gonna do what Heavenly Father says, why ask? This talk just made me more in tune with spirit, which is something I really needed.

One thing that really hit home for me was having a good relationship with my parents. I have a wonderful relationship with my dad, he’s the absolute best. I couldn’t have asked for a better dad. I don’t know how he puts up with everything in our crazy family. He’s such a strong man and I look up to him so much. I want my husband to be like my dad. Now for my mom, I don’t have a relationship with my mom at all. Sitting down to talk to her for 5 seconds turns into a huge argument about church and other stupid stuff. I’ve always wanted a good relationship with my mom. It’s something I pray for constantly and I think this weekend was the answer to my prayers. I know I’m not the best daughter ever, I sass my mom and I don’t do what she tells me. From now on I’m gonna start doing things for my mom and be a better daughter so that maybe, just maybe she’ll want to become a better mom.

My all time favorite speaker was Hank Smith, I cried from laughing so hard. Go find him on youtube or something. He’s hysterical… no joke.  Anyways he said a lot of good stuff about life in general. He did this exercise where we had a really nice car and we told our parents to watch it for us. When we come back it was gone and we go and ask out parents where it was. They give us like “I don’t know” “With who” “when will they be back” etc. That was demonstrating how as kids our parents ask us who we’re hanging out with, when we’ll be back, where we’re going etc and all we give them is “Uh I don’t know’s.” As children we are our parents most prized possession and they are letting boys take us out on dates and trusting them they’ll take of their princess. Another thing Hank said was that girls are SO mean to guys. Behind their backs we call them jerks, meanie heads, etc. But in reality they’re creatures of God, we shouldn’t be putting them down. Yeah, sometimes they tick you off that you wanna kick them in places but remember they’re sons of God. There’s so much

I’m leaving out but I had the best time ever! If you can go to Time Out For Girls you will be forever changed!


Us and Mercy River


Ashley, Me, Madison, and Katie





Us and Sandra Turley


Us and Hank Smith



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