I can’t have what anymore?


A lot of people ask me “what was the toughest thing to give up when you joined the church?” The first thing I almost always say is coffee. I drank that stuff like it was water. I started drinking it when I was like 9 or something. So for lack of better terms I was addicted to coffee and I needed to stop.

Three months prior to my baptism I stopped drinking coffee because it was in my mind to join the church. So I thought starting then would make it easier to quit. I was kinda right… After I was baptized I didn’t have coffee for 2 more months then when the whole thing with my mom happened and I cracked. For some reason coffee calmed me, it’s what I went to when I was sad, mad, or annoyed. That’s how addicted I was to coffee, it “made me feel better.” I kept drinking coffee for a few more months until something hit me. Actually, I just got super sick one day after drinking it and I assumed that was Heavenly Father telling me to stop.

I’ve been coffee free since September and it feels good. There’s some days when I crave it all day and I think “one little sip won’t hurt anyone” but that quickly passes after I make some chocolate milk or have a soda. The whole not drinking coffee thing has definitely been a test of my will power. But I know through prayer and guidance I’ll be able to get rid of that coffee craving forever.


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