General Conference


General conference this year was AH-MA-ZING to say the least. I was on a spiritual high literally all weekend. The spirit was so strong at my friends house, it was the best. Since it was my first full conference it was that much more amazing. All the speakers did fantastic, I couldn’t handle it.

My favorites were of course Uchtdorf, his talk just ugh it was awesome. I was in darkness for so long, longing to find this happiness and light. Then I found the Gospel and I found that light. So that talk just made me smile and just made me remember to always find the light in bad situations.

Of course I loved President Monson’s talk, it made me laugh when he talked about setting a fire to get rid of the weeds. I just adore President Monson. His talk was just amazing and just filled my heart with joy. It just made me so happy that I found the gospel and that I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints.

Next, Elder Oaks talk. I think everyone in the world needs to listen or read that talk. It just proves that Mormons ARE Christians. We ARE the Church of JESUS CHRIST. We have it in the name of our Church for heaven sake. It was definitely one of my favorite talks.

Last, Elder Holland… need I say more? His talks are perfection. Like enough said.

When they read the statics of the church, I was overwhelmed with happiness. I, SHEA, was one of those who were baptized in 2012. I don’t remember the exact number but you’re welcome for being that one person.

I’m so blessed I was able to go watch conference, I wish it never ended. It made me happy (:



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